We have to admit it to ourselves that in a lot of ways, gambling is just part of live, part of human nature. Even if you have never placed a bet or rolled a dice in a casino, you have still gambled in your life, regardless of whether you have realized it or not. Taking difficult decisions is gambling too. When you are wondering whether to do one thing or another, and eventually decide upon something, you are still taking chances, hence you are gambling. Scientists are hinting that there is even a gene in our DNA that provokes risk-taking and the history of gambling can confirm that. There are evidences of gambling dating back as far as 2300 BC.

Some people have serious issues with gambling, and yet there are others who are making a fortune out of it. In present days, gambling is not considered as an illegal activity nor does it mean that the person who is involved in it is doing something wrong. Gambling has been widely accepted in many different cultures. It’s not strange for parents to buy lottery tickets for their children, or to even take them to play Bingo. What makes gambling a problem is the person himself. You can easily get preoccupied with it and loose focus on the real things in life, like your family, job, hobbies, friends. That’s when the issues can arise. But if you are able to keep control over yourself, then gambling won’t have negative effects on your life.

An interesting question concerning gambling is why do people gamble in the first place? Is it really a gene that makes us do it? Is it the environment that leads us to it? Is it the desire to make easy money? Is it greed? As oppose to what most people think, money is not the main reason why adolescents gamble. Money is just the vehicle which enables them to continue playing and keep that adrenaline rush, and once you feel it and get addicted to it, you just want more and more. The three main reasons are – the excitement that gambling brings, enjoyment and then come the money. Other reasons could include desire to relieve boredom or to even relieve feelings of depression.

If you are a responsible person that likes gambling, then you should use special systems or techniques to increase your chances of success. A betting strategy is nothing more than a structured approach to gambling, instead of just chaotically place bets depending on how you feel. The good strategies will increase the odds of winnings so you will gain more profits in the long run. The best strategy is the one called “Negative Progression Betting”, according to which, you should double your bet every time you loose, but its downside is that it requires a larger bankroll. Theoretically though, if your bank roll is large enough, you will always be on the winning end.

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