How Do I “Clear” My Bonus?

How Do I “Clear” My Bonus?

Just because you sign-up for a poker bonus doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get it.

The untold secret of the online poker bonus is that you have to play a number of raked hands to actually receive the cash.

Players earn frequent player points based on the amount of rake they pay and earning the right amount of FPPs is usually what unlocks bonuses.

Some bonuses are released in increments (the standard seems to be $10 at a time) and some are released as a lump-sum payment when a player has earned a certain amount of FPPs.

For instance at one of the most popular online poker sites a player has to earn approximately 1,667 FPPs to clear a $100 match bonus.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.

How Do I Sign Up Using a Bonus Code?

There are generally two ways to sign up for a poker bonus.

1) Deposit Code

A deposit code is usually a combination of numbers and letters that you enter when you are going through the signing up process.

There will be a field that asks for a deposit code or bonus code and as long as you enter the correct code you’ll be eligible for a online poker bonus.

2) Download Link

This method is even easier than a deposit code. You simply click a link on a site that offers poker bonuses and you’re eligible for the bonus.

What’s the Best Way to Clear My Bonus?

The bottom line is that you’re going to need to play a number of raked hands to clear your poker bonus. But there are several tricks that can help you reach your goal faster and easier.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Bigger Can Be More Difficult

As a general rule, the larger the bonus is the harder it is to clear. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time at the tables grinding you may want to stick to a smaller bonus in the $10-$50 range.

Then again with many bonuses paid out in increments, it may not hurt you to aim big.

2) Read the Rules

Make sure you understand how many days you have to clear your bonus. This is obviously important if you want to have a shot at getting all of the bonus cash.

Take a look at the expiration date of your bonus and then calculate how much poker you plan to play in that time.

Some rooms also offer “Happy Hour” specials where you can earn twice the FPPs during select times.

3) Choose the Bonus for You

There are a wide variety of bonuses out there so make sure you chose the one that’s best suited to your style of play.

Consider factors like expiration time of the online poker bonus, amount of FPPs required to clear the bonus, difficulty in generating FPPs and whether the bonus is paid out in a lump sum or in increments.

A $500 lump-sum online poker bonus isn’t going to do you any good if you are nowhere near the 5,000+ FPPs required to clear it. You might be better off taking a tiny instant bonus of $5-$10.

4) Put in the Time

The bottom line is that if you want some of that free cash then you’re going to have to get out there and play!

Where Should I Sign Up?

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How Do I Know How Many Frequent Player Points I Have?

You should be able to get a frequent player point total in the cashier tab on most sites.

Some sites show your FPP totals in real-time so it can be fun to leave the window open and watch your points accumulate while playing. This also gives you a good idea about how fast you generate FPPs.

What Now?

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