16 thoughts on “Kelly Winterhalter makes nice bluff in Poker Night in America

  1. I think the guy was so pissed when Kelly showed the bluff that he was ready to jump out of his seat and strangle her. He was doing everything he could to act cool about it.

  2. bad check-raise on the flop by Kelly, Check call the flop would have accomplished the same thing. And terrible calling the raise on the flop. He should have re-raise  the flop, wtf was he thinking

  3. I feel like that's a losing play by Bracy, if you're going to call on the turn with 4 hearts out there then when a card other than a heart comes on the river why wouldn't you be calling down? I know it looks like a value bet but for the price if you're calling turn shouldn't you be willing to put in 1/4 of the pot to showdown with two pair?

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