20 thoughts on “Royal Flush at the 2016 PCA – Huge Three-Way Pot | PokerStars

  1. What horrible camera work and directing. Miss the action on the table when Rabat folds; and how does it help to keep the cards hidden?

  2. The chop fucked him over. Let the dude slow play as long as you fucking want when youve got a royal flush. When hes slow playing hes looking for every reason to call the all in, when you snap him out of his endorphin rush hes gonna realize "better to lose the battle than the war" and fold. What a fuckin' missed opportunity.

  3. Not seeing the hole cards kind of made this video a boring thing…couldn’t even tell who the winner was…he didn’t even smile when he won…plus the other guy took so long to make up his mind…it was a drag to watch…an with an amazing hand…rather have seen this with at least some
    emotion…what a waste of my time. An a waste of a Royal Flush…BORING!

  4. the bitches at the table that are talking about the hand should be banned from every poker game expecally that dude that said " i thought he called" that bitch knew the hand was still going. and even the guy that was in the hand talking should of just lost the pot in a 3 way hand.

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