Sergio Garcia SHOCKS Moneymaker In $1,000,000 Poker Tournament

Sergio Garcia just won his first green jacket and his world famous for his prowess on the golf course. So imagine everyone’s surprise, including Doug’s, when he …


20 thoughts on “Sergio Garcia SHOCKS Moneymaker In $1,000,000 Poker Tournament

  1. Hi Doug. I live in Hawaii…are you able to play on Pokerstars if you don't live in New Jersey. I noticed somebody online and his friend couldn't get Uber Eats delivered in Vegas on the video, so they guy was living in Vegas and playing these big Pokerstars tourneys. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mahalo Nui

  2. Do you think Sergio Garcia might be overbluffing by c-betting this hand? He has a lot of higher equity c-bet bluffs. He can have a lot of straight draws (even discounting some hands he might not open pre UTG) such as KQ, KJ, QJ, J8s, J7s, 87s and hands with more equity versus a BB defense range like AQs, AJs, A8s, A7s (at least the combos with a backdoor flush draw). If he bluffs all those I listed that's 72 bluff combos. If he mixes in all of his A2s/A4s/A5s (with backdoor flush) that's another 9 combos for 81 total.

    His value bet combos are hands like TT, 99, 33, T9s, AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AT, KTs, QTs, JTs, T8s, A9, K9s, Q9s, J9s, 98s. That's 83 combos (assuming he bets all of those, he might check some of the top pairs or middle pairs for balance). Unless you think he should be value betting wider like 88-44, A3s.

    So that's a very close number of bluff combos to value combos. Is that a good ratio or should you want a ratio closer to 2 to 1 in terms of value to bluff combos?

  3. It's all in hindsight really. You're only good if you call and are right and are a donk if you're wrong. If he calls and Chris has QJ, he's a donk. Can we define someone's ability based on 1 particular hand? He made a lucky call. It was a weak ace, He should've folded. Chris is the pro. He's raising a bluff that could get some people to fold weak top pairs.

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