Streaming $2,000 Tournaments And A Big Stack In The Sunday Million!

I am going to be playing today a series of tournaments ranging from $215-$2100. It’s the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars. In these …


20 thoughts on “Streaming $2,000 Tournaments And A Big Stack In The Sunday Million!

  1. Doug is in a hand (2hrs into the stream) where he hits the nut straight with his KJo. He says he is calling 10 to win 66. Eh? Have i got this wrong? I think it's 10 to win 46. So 4:1 pot odds or 1 in 5. 8 outs = 16% equity (which he says). Therefore a fold. He still won the hand!!!

  2. Man after losing im like FUCK. But you know what in business its the same thing. You risk it by investing money. You win big or lose big. At least you are in the game and not in the sidelines

  3. Thanks for this video…nice to see the busting out and not just your best winning hands. Went on today to finish in the money in two freerolls and busted out of a few. Still just practicing but 10 out of 700 and somewhere around 100 out of 10K. Still getting used to holdem manager and cannot seem to find the one from 888. For the music just see if you can find any unsigned bands on YT that may want the promotion.

  4. Is it just me or does it feel like the poker traffic online has decreased? It feels like its empty nowadays…

  5. So nice when you bet the flop with nothing but backdoor straight or backdoor weak flush… and you hit runner-runner into the set:

    That guy must have been so pissed off to see what you bet on the flop and the turn to get there on the river versus his set. Your equity on the flop must have been under 5% since runner-runner flush also worked for you. I think the other guy that called on the flop and gave up on the turn may have had a flush draw himself… or a queen with a bad kicker. Anyway, it's weird he make such a small 3-bet leaving himself 10k behind. Just enough for you to call, wherein you'd probably fold if he put the rest of his chips in the pot figuring it is mathematically incorrect to chase 8 outs… but with the small re-raise, you call and give up on the river if it's a 7 and give him the pot without the extra 10k.

  6. Hi Doug can you help me out? I’m kinda interested to buy the PokerStars t-shirt badge or logo. The logo that we pin on any shirt? Do you have any idea?

  7. This is why i stopped playing mtts, 5 hours of playing and building stack, then AK all in against AQ wich you expect to win but no ofcourse he gotta get there getting a Q or a straight or runner runner flush. it is really devastating, especially after so many hours of playing, but i guess it is as you say, mtts is not fair, so true.

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