20 thoughts on “Two sexiest girls on the poker tournament

  1. They aren't sexy, but they aren't ugly either. Clickbait is annoying huh? middle-aged poker players have interesting tastes in women.

  2. 1game vrz ur computer… 1 month by days till the remaining days till relapsed flipside o the end of April.. bye 6 ta 1129 … Doubt I'll be in court 4 secz with a dash on top duh z… The 2nd game sucs!!?

  3. Uh…that is certainly NOT the two sexiest girls on the poker circuit. Liv simply has zero sex appeal and is attractive but not overly so. I find Gayle sexier than Liv and by a pretty wide margin but Kara Scott and Vanessa Rousso would make both these girls run up a tree.

  4. Would it be sexist if ESPN did a documentary called "the sexy women of poker" , 2 hours of zooming in on their breasts and buttocks?? I would def watch that

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